How to deal with a sensitive scalp

There can be a lot of problems connected not with your hair but with your scalp. It can sting after you have dyed your hair. Or it can burn after you have used a new shampoo, which is inapt for you. Or you have an overwhelming desire to scratch it more and more with no apparent cause.

You should be ready for such situations, especially, if you have a sensitive scalp.
Remember, that this part of your body has more blood vessels than any other and also it has a lot of nerve endings.

The Hair Salon at The New York City has gathered some common scalp problems and what you can do about them.

Curl relaxers and Hair dye

It’s not a secret that such procedures as hair colouring, bleaching, straightening and so on irritate your scalp.
If you do above mentioned things, and, most significantly, if you do more than one of them, you have a great opportunity to have problems with your scalp.
What to do in this case: Do patch tests, see the reaction on the hair products. If it is allergic – try different brands. Limit harmful chemicals.


Your scalp can itch even if your shampoo is good, but you don’t rinse it off from your hair well. And how do you think, what does your scalp feel if the shampoo is not good for you?
What to do in this case: You can choose a new shampoo; luckily there is a good assortment in the shops. But try to rinse out your hair more carefully at first.


The freak lady weather can also do a disservice for you. Especially, if it is winter. Especially, if you live in a dry and harsh climate.
What to do in this case: The itching should pass away with the winter. Before that you need to keep indoor temperature and wash your hair less, for keeping natural hair oils and moisture.

You may find it usefull: 7 winter hair care tips for curly hair


Sounds strange, but your scalp can get a sunburn too.

What to do in this case: Don’t forgt to wear a baseball cap or something like this.

Dandruff and other skin problems

Dandruff and other skin problems, such as psoriasis, can cause itching.

What to do in this case: Use a special shampoo or try deal with the dandruff with home remedies. If your have more serious skin problems – it will be better to visit your doctor. He will give you better recommendations.

Be careful with your scalp and your hair care and styling will be easier. Come to the Hair Salon at The New York City and check.