Secrets to help combat a bad hair day

A bad hair day can ruin even the best plans on the day. But the best Natural hair salon in the New York City can help you with it.

What you can do? Check here.

Secret #1. A good brush

A brush is an important and the most usable hair device. A bad hair brush can cause many damages. That’s why we suggest you choose a natural boar bristle brush. It can distribute natural hair oils from roots to ends and make your hair “shine bright like a diamond”.

Secret #2. Switch things up

If you can’t do what you wanted to do just spray it with water and try to redo. Never keep going on dry hair again and again. You can make even worse. If you don’t watered it can be the cause of your bad hair day, because your hair becomes over dry by your tools and hair products.

Secret #3. Wasting of the time?

It may seem wasting of the time when you brush or comb your hair. It seems you mark time or even make your hair more frizzed. There is a way out. You should use a blow dryer on the cold air set. After drying a section, go over it again with cool air. The heat helps shape your hair and the cool air help it to keep this shape.

Secret #4. Say “no” to every day washing

Daily shampooing dries your hair too much. That’s why you should cut every day hair washing from your timetable. You can wash your hair every second day or 2-3 times per week. We suggest you to use dry shampoo in betweens washings if your hair becomes too oily.

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Secret #5. Keep your styling tools clean

All your brushes, combs, flat irons and curling irons should be clean. These things help you to look beautiful, keep them clean for your own benefit.

Secret #6. Intensify nutrition

Intensive shampoo can help you to deal with a bad hair day. Especially it useful after winter, when you hair needs it peculiarly. Do you want to have a soft, silky and vibrant hair? Intensive nutrition will help you.

Secret #7. The right hair tools

Be attentive! You should have tight hair tools. They should approach to your hair type and texture.

Secret #8. Heat protection

It’s very simple secret. If you use hot tools you should protect your hair from the heat. Spray a heat protectant before using hot tools to keep your ends from frying.

We hope this list of secrets will be helpful for you and you survive your bad hair day with your head held high.