How to get a bad haircut and not to make a suicide

“Bad haircut is not a verdict,” – said masters from the best Natural hair salon in the New York City.
“It happens, but you can face with your problem and solve it instead of sitting at home and crying”.
There are some rules how to survive a bad haircut and we have prepared them for you.

Tip #1. Coming back
Instead of taking the offence, you should come back to your hair salon and ask your master to right the ship. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.
Oftentimes such cases take place if your master has a day off and you have no time for waiting and go to another specialist. In this case you have two possible options: to go to the hairstylist, who has done this with you or come to your stylist and tearfully beg forgiveness and correcting the situation.
And remember, it’s not only your stylist’s fault. May be you don’t give good explanation about what you want. That’s why to prevent such cases it will be better to do your so-called “hometask” – search the haircut you want and show 2-3 photos to your hair stylist. It will minimize misunderstanding between you and your master.

Tip #2. Try extensions
If your hair is too short to live with it you can try special hair extensions while your real hair is growing out. Clip-in extensions is the best option in this case, unless the problem is with quiff. It is also resolvable, but a little bit harder.
They will add some faux length to your hair and with their help you can change your look beyond recognition.

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Tip #3. Hair accessories
Hair accessories will become your best friends, we can predict it without a fortune-teller. A variety of caps in summer, nice and elegant hats in autumn or spring and warm hats in winter can make your look even more womanish and attractive, because they add a special sartorial elegance.
You can also use different head scarves in nice prints, headbands, hair bows also can help to detract attention from your haircut.

Remember, not hair makes you the person you are. Yes, your hair style is important, but your charisma, your behavior and your accepting the situation are much more important. That’s why the best suggestion is to remain as you are in spite of everything, even in spite of the bad haircut.