Best tips on how to part your hair right

Finding the best place for your hair is probably the quickest way to frame, shape, and  flatter whatever hair texture you may have. So where do you fall?

Tip#1 For flat hair

Start to part your hair above the center of your iris and go on diagonally back toward your crown. It will create great volume and fullness on one side and smoothness on the other. It is one of the best ways to give your hair casual and messy look.  

Tip#2 For thick and straight hair

If you have thick and straight hair, avoid positioning it on the center. Add some asymmetry in your hair. You can balance your voluminous texture with flattering center parts.

Tip#3 For springy curls

If you have springy curls, rock them wild! It is the best way for you to look amazing. Let your curls fall wherever they go. Strict parting of this type of hair can look unnatural. It always looks better in a mess.

Tip#4 For Hairline Cowlick

You can do everything you want with cowlick: style, cut, try to hide, but it isn`t go anywhere. It make no sense to resist. You have to part your hair the way the cowlick is going.  You can also style your bangs in a way to weight down or cover a cowlick.

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Tip#5 For Blunt bangs

If you always wanted to wear perfectly centered part, blunt bangs is for you. It will create versatility for the look. You can curl it a little bit. It will add some youthfulness to your image.

Tip#6 For side-swept bangs

Agree that it would look strange to part all your hair to the left, and bangs to the right. It would be better to form a part whenever your fringe naturally splits. You can also try this trick: position the part directly above the highest point on your eyebrow arch. It will make your eyes look lifted and flatters any type of face.

Use our tips and enjoy parting your hair in a right way. You will find here what is best for you for sure.