7 best homemade hair treatments for dry and damaged hair

Cheap home tricks can turn your dry and damaged hair to healthy and gorgeous. Do you want to know “how”? The answers from the best Natural hair salon in the New York City are in this article.

Hair treatment #1. Avocado repairing


Avocado contains vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, which are beneficial for your hair. Mix mashed avocado with 1 raw egg. Apply acquired alloy on your hair and scalp (please note the hair should be wet). Leave this remedy at least for 20-30 minutes. Rinse several times with the warm water.

If you have damaged hair you can repeat this procedure once a week, if you have a normal hair you can repeat it once a month for a prophylactic use.

Hair treatment #2. Butter massage


Try to massage your dry and brittle hair with the small amount of butter for its shining. After applying cover your hair with the shower cap and wait for 30 minutes. Then rinse as usual with the warm water and shampoo.

Hair treatment #3. Olive oil conditioning


Warm the half of the cup of the olive oil (please note you shouldn’t boil it) and rub it into your scalp and hair. Cover your hair with the shower cap or plastic bag and wrap in towel. Leave for about 45 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo as usual. After this procedure your hair will be hydrating well.

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Hair treatment #4. Tea rinsing


Rinsing with the warm, unsweetened tea will give a natural shine to your dry and damaged hair. You should use it after your regular shampooing. It’s recommended to use chamomile tea for blondes and any black tea for brunets.

Hair treatment #5. Apple cider vinegar mask whipping up


Mix a little spoon of the apple cider vinegar with 2 big spoons of the olive oil and 3 egg whites. Rub this alloy into your scalp and hair. Cover the head and leave it at least for half an hour. Don’t forget about shampooing and rinsing your hair.

Hair treatment #6. Egg shampooing


You can mix one raw egg with small amount of shampoo, let it for about 5 minutes and then completely rinse with warm water. This remedy will give a great amount of proteins to your hair.

Hair treatment #7. Natural oils treating


Olive, jojoba, and sweet almond oils are also good treatments for repairing your damaged hair. Apply a small amount of any of these oils on the wet hair. Cover with the shower cap and wait at least 30 minutes. Then shampoo and rinse your hair with the warm water.

The best Natural hair salon in the New York City hopes these suggestions will help your hair become glossy and shine again.