5 ways to understand is your hair healthy or sick

We have prepared for you a list of signs, that your head of hair is healthy. Have you already known some of them?

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Many people believe that the longer hair you have, the healthier it is. But it is wrong, of course. Thuswise, which signs will show is your hair healthy or thick?

Sign #1. Normal shedding

You can start panic, when you see a hair in the bathroom. What does it mean? Hair loss? Is the baldness on the horizon? But don’t be so suspicious.

Normal shedding is 100 or even 200 hairs a day! Some of them you will see in the bathroom, some on the hair brush, but it is normal. A bald spot, hair thinning or excessive shedding can be a canary in the coal mine, but the hair in the bathroom can’t. Remember about it.

Sign #2. Full head of hair

If you have the same amount of the hair throughout the length, it is really a good sign of the healthy hair. Of course, breakage can happen anywhere, but in the most cases it happens at the ends. If you have healthy hair, it will have minimal breakage and also you won’t admit different length of the hair.

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Sign #3. Breakage is minimal

As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, minimal breakage is a good sing for your hair. For minimal breakage you should remember about gentle combing and brushing, a soft shampoo and conditioner.

In the case you have more breakages than it is normal we can recommend you to use deep conditioning treatment.

Sign #4. Soft and shiny hair

If you have soft and shiny hair, absolutely, it is a good sign. Healthy hair has not only a good look, it is also smooth to the touch. There are characteristics of healthy hair, which is well moisturized.

In the case your hair isn’t shiny and soft, you should follow next recommendations:

– Oil rinsing (essential oils are great helpers of your hair);

– Deep conditioning (make it regularly and your hair will be healthy);

– Don’t forget about trims;

– Moisturize your hair.

Well, if your hair has a normal shedding, your head is full of hair, you have a minimal hair breakage, and your hair is soft and shiny, it means your hair is healthy. Congratulations!