7 winter hair care tips for curly hair

Winter is a frightful season for all hair types. But if you have curly hair it is the most frightful for you. That’s why the best natural Hair Salon in the NYC has prepared a guide, how people with curly hair should survive in winter. Check it and apply!

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Tip #1. Plan your washes

The first, and the most important, tip for curly hair care is to plan your washes wisely. Especially, if you don’t use a blow dryer. Try to wash your hair in the evening, when you sure you have enough time to dry your hair naturally. Going outside in the winter with wet hair leads for sickness. If you hardly need to wash your hair before going out try to blow dry it on the lowest set to get the most of water out before leaving.

Tip #2. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is a very important in winter. At first, you should change your shampoo on one, which will be free of harsh ingredients (like sulfates, for example) that strip moisture and nutrients out of your hair. If you have real problems with moisturizing, try apple cider vinegar rinsing at every second washing. Don’t forget about a conditioner, choose that one, which will be the most moisture-rich. Let conditioner at least on 2-3 minutes or use leave-in conditioner, what will be even better. Another procedure, which will help you to keep moisture into your strands is oiling. The best variants are olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Also it is recommended to look for moisturizing styling products.

Tip #3. Cover the hair

Cold winter weather, bleak wind, snow… All of them steal moisture from your hair. So, you need to cover your hair to protect it. Choose a warm scarf or a hat, also it will be useful for your health in the whole.

You may find it usefull: Deep conditioning at home? Nothing is impossible with the best Natural hair salon in the NYC.

Tip #4. Right sleep

It may sound insane, but your pillow can be harmful for your hair. Wrap your hair with a scarf or wear a special cap before going to bed. Also you can make a braid.

Tip #5. Good nutrition

You should eat right food to have healthy hair, it’s a golden rule. Eat fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and beans; drink a lot of water and you will see results.

Follow these simply tips by the best natural Hair Salon in the New York City and your hair and your body will thank you!