7 rules for short hair care

All of us know the basics of looking after the long hair, but what about short hair? What should you do if you don’t have long locks? This and other tips from the best natural Hair Salon in the NYC are here.

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Tip #1. Do not comb too much

The first rule is to stop over combing your hair. Short hair isn’t prone to tangles, thuswise you have no need to comb it every 30 minutes. If you do it too frequently, you will increase the natural oils stripping out. In this case, your hair will look much greasy faster, than you have expected.

Tip #2. Use your fingers

Instead of your brush or comb use the one that is always at hand, or, more accurately, on your hand – your fingers. They are perfect for styling!
Prove that your hands are clean. Otherlike, your hair will become even more greasy, than if you comb it with brush.

Tip #3. Minimize hot styling tools

If you have short hair, it may require more styling. Be careful and minimize  the usage of hot styling tools. Ideally, you shouldn’t use them every single day, because flat irons, curling irons, curling tongs, and even blow dryer damage your hair. Overheating leads to loosing the color, dryness and split end. Also, if you have short hair, these problems will be more visible, than if you have long locks.

Tip #4. Regular trimming

Some women think that if they have short hair, they shouldn’t go to the hair salon regularly. It is a great mistake. Even if you have a short hair, you need to visit hair salon at least once a month. Keep it fresh!

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Tip #5. Wash it every day

You have heard that every day washing is bad and harmful for your hair. However, short hair style requires more water, than long hair, so you can wash it more frequently . The shorter your hair is, the greasier it can look like, because there is no space for natural oils expansion.

Tip #6. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is the most useful invention for people with the short hair! It can turn your greasy hair into nice hairstyle. That’s why we recommend you to have a little jar of this powder in your bathroom.

Tip #7. Cold water

End your shower with cold water rinsing or spritzing. It will add shine to your hair.

We hope these pieces of advice by the best natural Hair Salon in the NYC will be useful for you. Remember, we are always waiting for you at our salon.