5 fantastic natural shampoos

What can be better, than good natural shampoo? We think nothing! That’s why the best natural Hair Salon in the NYC has prepared a new list of natural shampoos special for you. Are you ready to check it?

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#1. Black Africa Shampoo

You can hear about African black soap as a perfect cleansing soap bar, you can even use it and feel its healing effect, but have you heard about using this soap for making a shampoo? We have prepared a unique recipe for you.


4 big spoons of little pieces of the African black soap

1 cup of boiled water

3 big spoons of grapeseed oil

2 big spoons of natural honey


Mix all the ingredients and put them in the glass jar with a top or into the bottle. Shake it very well and leave it for some time for cooling down. You can use a half of the received alloy at this time, and keep the second half for the next time.

#2. Honey shampoo

Honey is very useful product on your kitchen. You can use it in different ways and making a natural shampoo is one of them. This shampoo is beneficial: it treats dandruff, moisturizes your hair, fights with frizz, makes your locks smell amazing and so on.


2 big spoons of natural honey

6 big spoons of warm water

Any essential oil if desired


Mix honey and water together. Heat them on the low fire until honey melted. Add essential oil and apply on the hair. Be careful, the mixture is supposed to be watery. You can pour it into the jar or bottle and keep in the bathroom.

#3. Indian shampoo

Do you want to try something original? In this case, Indian shampoo is for you. It is also 100% natural!


Special Indian herbs:

500 gr. of Shikakai

250 gr. of Fenugreek

250 gr. of Mung Beans

1 package of Curry Leaves

1 package of Basil

500 gr. of soap beans


The first step is the most hard: sun-dry all the ingredients for two days. If all the ingredients are already dried – cool – skip over to the next step. Grind all the ingredients into the powder and put in jar. You can take this powder, mix with a small amount of warm water and use as a shampoo.

The best natural Hair Salon in the NYC hopes you have found something new for you. Try it and share your impressions in the comments.