5 natural recipes of restoring the color of graying hair

You are cudgeling your brain over the problem of how you can restore color of graying hair without harsh commercial dyes. Well, the best Natural hair salon in NYC to your rescue! We have prepared 5 best natural recipes of restoring grey hair. Create natural hair dyes!

Recipe #1. Sage natural hair dye


2 cups of water

½ of cup of dried sage

This recipe is well-known and very popular. You should simply boil water and sage. Let it for several hours and then strain and use the dark liquid to rinse your hair. Let it for some time, your hair should dry completely, after this you can rinse it with the warm water.

You should be very patient, because you need to repeat this procedure every second day during several weeks or even month to get results.

Recipe #2. Rosemary and sage dye


2 cups of water

¼ of cup of dried sage

¼ of rosemary

It’s a variation of the previous recipe, but it works a little bit faster. Make it and use on the same way as the previous one, but give a bit more time to steep, for example, let it on the whole night.

Recipe #3. Potato peel rinse

It may seem strange, but it is very effective and 100% natural and safe. There are no exact recipe, you can just take any amount of potato peels and boil them. Then let it cool, strain and rinse your hair with the required liquid. Repeat it often, for example, every time you cook potato and you will see results!

Recipe #4. Walnut shells dye


2 cups of water

8-10 walnut shells

This recipe is very easy, so as previous 3. You should just take black walnut shells and boil them. Let shells simmer until half of the water evaporates. After this let the liquid overnight. In the morning you should strain dye to remove shells. Then you can apply it on your hair, but firstly make sure you don’t stain your clothes and skin, because it is very effective!

Recipe #5. Sage and rum dye


2 cups of water

4 big spoons of dried sage

2 big spoons of rum

30 ml of glycerin

Vitamin E

This recipe is more complicated variation of the first two.

You should steep sage in boiled water and let it on 2-3 hours. Stray received liquid into the jar and add rum, glycerin and vitamin E. Cap and shake it. Apply on the grey zones.


Hope, you find a perfect concoction for your hair!