How you can use chamomile in your grooming

Chamomile is not only a calming tea. You can use it in different ways, including hair grooming. One of the best Natural Hair Salons in the NYC has prepared some suggestions, you can use in your grooming routine.

#1. Which type of chamomile to use?

German chamomile and Roman chamomile are the best types of this flower for using. Both are equally effective, so you can use that type, which you can find. Also, you can use dried chamomile flowers or chamomile flower powder.

#2. Ways of using

Face wash

Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory plant. It is a nice choice to help calm any redness on your face. Especially, it is suitable for teenagers.

Just make a cup of chamomile tea, cool it down and use at the end of the day before bed. It will be very refreshing!

You can also use the cooled tea bags over puffy eyes or dark circles to start the day with the fresh look.

Eye drops

Chamomile is a perfect remedy for irritated eyes. You can use it for infections, pink eye, or scratches. Also, you can wash your face and eyes in the evening with the completely cooled tea and only then go to bed. You will see results!

Hair dye

Actually, chamomile is not a “dye.” It will be better to say – “brighter.” Add chamomile tea to your regular shampoo and/or conditioner, and you will see perfect blonde highlights, lighten, and brighten hair. Chamomile is beneficial for all hair types but especially for blonde hair.

Sunburn treating

Chamomile is a perfect natural option to soothe a sunburn. Cooled tea applied on the areas, which are sore and inflamed, will quickly take the pain away.

Hair highlighting

If you want to highlight your hair, but you don’t want to use a commercial dye, chamomile will help you. You just need to make a strong chamomile tea and apply on the locks you want to highlight (or on the hair if you want to highlight the whole head). Remember, chamomile works only on light hair tones. For highlighting dark hair, you can use coffee ground and sage.

Insect repellent

If you have dried chamomile flowers, you can use them as an insect repellent. In summer, it’s a great smelling outdoor centerpiece.

You see natural products are very efficient. Natural hair care is also effective. Come to the best Natural Hair Salon in the NYC and see!