8 organic and natural hair lines

Chemical-free beauty products are very popular nowadays. Especially, after the last studies, which show that almost all the chemicals in the hair care products are very dangerous. They not only dry out the hair, but they also can cause cancer and other diseases.

Many people think all natural and organic products cost an arm and a leg. Well, a lot of them do but not all of them. Also, good hair products are healthier and are better at helping your hair retain the moisture needed for keeping it damage free and protected. So, you economy money but in the long run.

There are two possible options if you want to use all natural and organic hair products. The first one – you do it at home on your own and always use only fresh products. The second one – you buy them if you have not enough time.

Today, the stylists at best Natural Hair Salon has prepared for your suggestions about 2nd option. Check the best organic and natural hair lines in this blog!


#1. Shea moisture

This brand uses only natural ingredients, including shea butter, African black soap, avocado butter,  neem oil, and others. You can find hair, body, and face grooming products in this line.

The average price of every product is 9,99$.

#2. Aubrey Organics

All natural ingredients, where you can find, for example, jojoba oil, chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, and so on. This line carries hair, face, and body products.

The average price of every product is 11$.

#3. My honey child

This brand with a sweet name is also all-natural. You can find in compounds of the products peppermint, olive oil, sunflower seeds and oil, papaya and others.

The price of each product is about 15$.

#4. Camille Rose Naturals

This brand is not only all-natural but also vegan. There is a variety of ingredients, from kiwi to macadamia nut oil, from Brahmi to almond oil. This line carries hair and skin care products.

The average price is 14$.

#5. Bee Mine Products

All natural and organic ingredients.  You can find in compounds coconut oil, rosemary oil, chamomile, and ghassoul clay. This line produces only hair care products.

The approximate price of each product is about 20$.

#6. Belle Butters

Ingredients of this brand are natural and organic, such as  whipped butter with ingredients ranging from pumpkin and shea butter to lemon and chocolate.

This brand produces skin care and hair care products.

The average price of each product is 15$.

We hope our suggestions will help you, and you choose hairline, which will be suitable for you!