Natural hair masks for dry and damaged hair, which you can make at home

#1. What you should do if you want to have healthy hair

* Stop washing your hair daily! Daily washing is not beneficial for your hair care, because each time you wash your hair, you strip natural oils from your hair and scalp. So, if it is possible to skip a day or two between hair washings, you should do it.

* Try not to use a hairdryer, at least, after every hair washing. If you have enough time for air-drying, use this time for air-drying.

* Run a humidifier.It’s good for your hair and skin.

* Use a moisturizing hair mask treatment. You can find several recipes in the next paragraph.

#2. Homemade hair masks recipes

In fact, making a hair mask is not hard. You can check it by your own experience.

Coconut oil

This mask is the most simple homemade hair mask. It has only one ingredient – coconut oil.

All you need is a cup of coconut oil. It should be in a liquid state.

Then, you should apply it on your hair (wet or dry, it doesn’t matter), and leave for an hour or two. It will be even better if you leave it overnight. Don’t forget about shower cap.

Rinse the coconut treatment well after the procedure and wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Avocado and Egg yolk
This mask is more complicated than previous one because it consists of 2 ingredients: avocado and egg yolk. It’s a perfect mask for moisturizing, restoration and shining.
So, you need:
½ of an avocado
2 egg yolks
Mix them well and apply on dry hair. Leave for 20-30 minutes, rinse well, and wash as usual.
Yogurt, Honey and Olive oil
This mask is more difficult then the 1st and 2nd  one, because it consists of 3 ingredients: yogurt, honey, and olive oil. It may sound not very pleasant (especially, sticky honey), but it works.
You need:
1 big spoon of olive oil
1 big spoon of honey
¼ of cup of yogurt
Mix all the ingredients, apply to the hair and leave approximately for 20-40 minutes. Then rinse well, wash as usual and air dry.

We hope these simple pieces of advice and recipes by the best stylist at Natural Hair Salon in the New York City will help you to moisturize your dry and damaged hair well!