How to Take Care for Hair in the Summer Part 1

Summer is a fantastic season for rest and outdoor activities; we can spend hours laying on the beach or playing volleyball. Moreover, after such pleasurable spending of time, we get a tanned skin which looks so amazing. But what about your hair? Have you ever noticed that your mane turns dull and lusterless during the hot season? If yes, your hair care regimen wasn’t good enough. Stylists at best natural hair salon NYC offer you some useful tips on how to look after your locks in the summer properly.

Tip #1 Wash regularly

In the summer, we often sweat and as result pollution and dust clubs with the sweat. As a result, our hair gets greasy faster and need washing more often.

Tip #2 Condition

The conditioner is a good remedy for protecting your hair and scalp. Thanks to its ingredients, it helps to avoid hair stickiness that is usually caused by the excessive sweating.

Tip #3 Drink

The biggest problem in the summer is dehydration. To replace the lost water, you should drink plenty of water during all summer.

Tip #4 Moisturize

The summer is the best period for going all natural, including organic products. Specialists as best natural hair salon NYC advice to avoid using artificial colors, chemical based and heat treatments at least during the hot summer days.

Tip #5 Trimming

Inevitable dryness is the reason number one for appearing of split ends during the summer. So, try to trim hair ends regularly.

Now, you know how to take care of your hair during the hot summer days.