Right hair washing: what are you doing wrong?

You are standing in the shower or lying in the bathroom. You wet your hair. You apply shampoo. You rinse your hair. You apply conditioner. You rinse again. Seems very simply, isn’t it? So, is it the right method? Actually, not always. How you wash your hair depends on its condition and look. That’s why the best hair salon in the NYC prepared suggestions how to wash your hair the correct way. Check them right now!

#1. Start rinse

If you have decided to change your hair washing routine, you should start from rinsing. The first rinse should be hot. Hot water at the beginning of the shower will help you to open cuticles, what is very important for removing dirt from the hair. The next advantage of the opened cuticles is that your conditioner will be absorbed faster and better, which is also very important for hair care.

#2. Long hair?

If you have a long hair, it’s recommended to apply conditioner firstly. Why? Well, because It helps to keep your ends as healthy as possible. So, apply a small amount of conditioner, rinse lightly and only then apply shampoo, and your hair will be smoother and more shine.

#3. Lather up

When you apply shampoo, you should be very attentive to lathering up. It’s well-known, that the hair on the top of your head and hair root get greasy faster, that’s why we strongly recommend you to concentrate on this area.  It allows the inevitable fall of the lather to the older, drier, more fragile ends of your hair is the best way to do it to get maximum results all around.

Remember, you need to a small amount of shampoo for good cleaning.

#4. Be gentle

It’s really very important to be gentle with your hair, when you are rubbing shampoo or conditioner into the scalp. Too much pressure can lead to a number of hair problems, such as breakage and frizzing. Wash your hair as a delicate thing – very carefully and attentively!

#5. Do not do second rinse

Some of the brands recommend you to rinse your hair well after applying of the shampoo and repeat the procedure. We sure, it is unnecessary. Unless your hair is extremely dirty. One shampooing is pretty enough.

#6. Conditioning

Apply conditioner only on that area, which needs it – from the mid-length to the ends, where hair is the most dry, old and fragile.

#7. Cold rinsing

Finish your hair washing procedure with the cold rinsing. It will close cuticles and make your hair as shiny as possible.


Wash your hair with pleasure with the best Natural Hair Salon in the New York City!