5 Craziest Ideas to Grow Your Hair Faster

Every woman believes in miracles especially when it comes to hair growing. We have collected 5 craziest ideas people swear to work. If you are desperate to grow your hair out right now, you can always try these tips.

  1. The inversion method. The easiest way to get your hair growing is to hang upside down on the sofa, for instance. People swear it helps to grow 4-inches a week if you do it regularly. Let’s face it, it won’t hurt and will bring a little extra blood to the brain.
  2. Use oil. It’s seemed to be already a universal truth that using oil helps to improve the growth of the hair. You can use whatever oil you like (from castor to coconut oil), all you have to do is to massage oil directly into your scalp and let it sit for 30-60 minutes. Then you can wash your hair as usual. If you want to experience something really weird you can add hot pepper or hot sauce to your oil massage. Such stimulations may help to increase the hair growing. But be careful with using the hot products, your scalp may not like the heat, produced by them.

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  1. Your hair is what you eat. It is well-known that your outer look is the reflection of your body inner state. And the hair is not an exception. Experts claim that healthy diet will make your hair healthier, shinier and the most important it will provoke your hair growing. And you should keep in mind that hair growing nutrients are also great for a healthier body, so you win from head to toe.
  2. Be positive. Try to minimize the stress, because the stress is one of the reasons why the hair stops growing and even may fall out. You can enroll in a regular yoga class, visit a therapist or change some aspects of your life. Choose the proper variant for you and be happy with growing hair.
  3. Protein Infused Shampoo. This kind of shampoo can really make your hair grow faster because of the protein enriched formulas that do the trick.