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How to Take Care for Hair in the Summer Part 2

In the previous blog, we’ve already discussed the main principles of hair care in the summer. Nevertheless, if you want to help your hair to go through the warm period lightly, specialists at the best hair salon in New York advice to include the following tips to your daily hair regimen. Tip #1Use oil Essential […]

Top Three Hair Dryers for Frizz-free Hair

You try to provide your hair with the best products and try to follow proper hair care regimen, but your hair seems to get frizzy for no reason? Maybe the main problem is the hair dryer you use? Of course, the best variant is to say ‘NO’ to heat styling tools, but sometimes we can’t […]

Pack You Travel Hair Care Kit

Summer is the season of traveling. The practice shows that the best way to spend your time on the road pleasurable is to plan everything ahead; the same thing should be done with the hair care routine. Today specialists at best natural hair salon NYC are ready to share with you top tips on what […]

How to Take Care for Hair in the Summer Part 1

Summer is a fantastic season for rest and outdoor activities; we can spend hours laying on the beach or playing volleyball. Moreover, after such pleasurable spending of time, we get a tanned skin which looks so amazing. But what about your hair? Have you ever noticed that your mane turns dull and lusterless during the […]

Natural hair conditioner, which you can make at home

The conditioner is one of the essential hair products. It may sound strange, but the best conditioner, you can have, is the conditioner you can make on your own. Don’t worry; it’s easy! Just check tips by the best Natural Hair Salon in the New York. #1. How to make conditioner One more strange thing, […]

8 organic and natural hair lines

Chemical-free beauty products are very popular nowadays. Especially, after the last studies, which show that almost all the chemicals in the hair care products are very dangerous. They not only dry out the hair, but they also can cause cancer and other diseases. Many people think all natural and organic products cost an arm and […]

How you can use chamomile in your grooming

Chamomile is not only a calming tea. You can use it in different ways, including hair grooming. One of the best Natural Hair Salons in the NYC has prepared some suggestions, you can use in your grooming routine. #1. Which type of chamomile to use? German chamomile and Roman chamomile are the best types of […]

5 best hair masks

A good hair mask can bring dry and dull hair back to life. After a good mask, your hair will be softer, shinier and just looks and feels so much better overall. If you are looking for a new good hair mask, check recommendations by the Natural Hair Salon in the NYC.

7 hair products for gorgeous locks under 7$

There are a lot of women, who want to have gorgeous locks, but who don’t want to spend a fortune on hair care products. Do you one of them? Give a high five! For this reason, the best Natural Hair Salon in the NYC has prepared a list of good and cheap hair care products.