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Right hair washing: what are you doing wrong?

You are standing in the shower or lying in the bathroom. You wet your hair. You apply shampoo. You rinse your hair. You apply conditioner. You rinse again. Seems very simply, isn’t it? So, is it the right method? Actually, not always. How you wash your hair depends on its condition and look. That’s why […]

7 natural oils for damaged hair

If you spend a lot of time under the sun, or you have colored your hair too much, in this case you need emergency hair care! The best natural hair salon in the New York City can help you. Check the list of 7 best natural oils, which can help you repair your damaged hair.

7 best home hair care tips

Not always you have enough money for visiting Hair Salon. Of course, your hair has a perfect look after such visits, but what can you do? We have prepared excellent hair care tips, which you can use right at your home and try to make your hair look in the same league.

5 fantastic natural shampoos

What can be better, than good natural shampoo? We think nothing! That’s why the best natural Hair Salon in the NYC has prepared a new list of natural shampoos special for you. Are you ready to check it?

7 rules for short hair care

All of us know the basics of looking after the long hair, but what about short hair? What should you do if you don’t have long locks? This and other tips from the best natural Hair Salon in the NYC are here.

7 winter hair care tips for curly hair

Winter is a frightful season for all hair types. But if you have curly hair it is the most frightful for you. That’s why the best natural Hair Salon in the NYC has prepared a guide, how people with curly hair should survive in winter. Check it and apply! Tip #1. Plan your washes The […]

8 must-have products for perfect hair

When you want to have a perfect chevelure, you try all the methods and products, but is it right way? Yes, sometimes you need to change your hair care routine, but you should do it wisely. The best natural Hair Salon in the NYC has prepared a list of must-have products, which can help you […]

Homemade shampoo? Easy!

If you think, that homemade shampoo is difficult to make, you are wrong. There are a lot of easy recipes. For example, you can use a cornstarch as a dry shampoo, is it difficult? We think not. There are more recipes in this article, just check them and try!