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4 fantastic natural deep conditioners

It’s a really easy thing to make a homemade deep conditioner. You just need to come to the kitchen, open your fridge, cupboard, and choose products, which are appropriative for it. The best Natural Salon in the NYC has prepared for you the most popular recipes of natural deep conditioners. Check them right now! Recipe […]

Honey, hunny!

Honey is a perfect sweet not only for you figure, but for your hair too. It is natural humectant, what means it keeps your skin and scalp moisturized and soft. It contains antioxidants, which protects your hair and skin from the sun damage. Honey forces the healing of different infections and wounds. And, what is […]

5 ways to understand is your hair healthy or sick

We have prepared for you a list of signs, that your head of hair is healthy. Have you already known some of them? Many people believe that the longer hair you have, the healthier it is. But it is wrong, of course. Thuswise, which signs will show is your hair healthy or thick? Sign #1. […]

6 best organic hair products lines

Many people nowadays choose the organic lifestyle. They change their eating habits, refrain from meat and other animal source foods, sort their garbage, discard plastic bags at the shop and choose only paper ones, and so on. When you become eco-friendly, you understand that chemicals are killing our Mother Nature and the only way to […]

7 vitamins for healthy hair

Healthy hair starts from the inside! That’s why a good nutrition is the best way to get essential nutrients. Natural hair salon in the New York City has prepared this list of vitamins and foods, where you can find them. Vitamin A Vitamin A is a great helper, which produces healthy sebum – a natural […]

5 homemade hair treatments for your hair type

From the first sight eggs, yogurt, honey and milk is a good set for a great breakfast. But from the other sight these are all-natural ingredients for a good hair treatment at home. And it is your choice – to eat or to care hair. Remedy #1. For all hair types The raw egg is […]

4 homemade hair growth products

Hair growth treatment protects your hair from thinning, shedding and potential hair loss. They are very expensive, if you buy it, but they are very cheap, if you make it by yourself. We sure your kitchen is a well of goodness. Recipe #1. Castor oil Castor oil is one of the best and the easiest […]

5 Homemade hair care products

It’s a common fact, such necessary product as a shampoo includes a lot of unhealthy ingredients, which have a negative effect not only your scalp and hair, but also on the ecosystem. There is a way out – you can make a homemade shampoo and other hair care products, which will be ecofriendly. Do you […]