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Why we are organic hair salon on upper east side !!!

Like moisturizing and mani-pedis, hair dyeing is a standard beauty ritual for many women. Yet, while natural skin-care and non-toxic nail polish brands have flourished, the world of hair color clings to its chemical roots. The history of content of hair colors dates back to the 70s. In that time new outlets alerted consumers about […]

A great haircut can truly make all the difference

A great haircut can truly make all the difference between feeling good and feeling fabulous.  A great style can actually change your life. Any woman who has had a bad hair day knows that it can affect how you feel, act and interact.  On the flip side a great hair day makes you feel as […]

How to grow longer curly hair

Curly hair is a unique type of hair that needs a special care of it. It’s a little more finicky than straight or wave hair and that is why it is also more vulnerable to premature breakage. And everybody knows if the hair is damaged it will never grow out to longer lengths. But with […]

5 tips for getting a long hair

Long hair is the most desirable thing for every woman. No matter whether you’re growing a bad haircut or a short haircut or just want to have a long hair the process of growing hair is very slowly abs painful. It is well known facts that hair grows approximately ½ inch per month. And that […]

5 Craziest Ideas to Grow Your Hair Faster

Every woman believes in miracles especially when it comes to hair growing. We have collected 5 craziest ideas people swear to work. If you are desperate to grow your hair out right now, you can always try these tips.

How to apply a Hair Relaxer

The golden rule of every girl is that the straight hair must be curled and the curled hair must be straightened. Nowadays there are a lot of methods how to straighten your hair and one of them is hair relaxer. Hair relaxer is used on naturally curly or wavy hair in order to get a […]