How to Take Care for Hair in the Summer Part 2

In the previous blog, we’ve already discussed the main principles of hair care in the summer. Nevertheless, if you want to help your hair to go through the warm period lightly, specialists at the best hair salon in New York advice to include the following tips to your daily hair regimen.

Tip #1Use oil

Essential oils are natural sources of nourishment for our hair. Apply few drops of oil and massage your scalp; it will also help to dump the dirt and dust out of the scalp and to improve the blood circulation.

Tip #2 Protect hair

Just like our skin, our hair needs sun protection. The easiest way to do it – is to wear a scarf or a hat. If it is not your variant, opt for a product with a good amount of SPF (for example, leave-in conditioner). Once you are at home, wash your hair to avoid product build up.

Tip #3 Control frizz

Your hair gets frizzy because of the heat and dehydration. Restore your hydration balance by drinking plenty of water and control frizz by creating different hair styles. There is a wide variety to choose from: braids, ponytails, updos, buns, and knots.

Tip #4 Stay natural

Unfortunately, hair coloring has a damaging effect and the sun heat only double it. If you want to change the hair color, you should think about going to this procedure at least two months before the scorching sun ray can spoil the hair quality.

Tip #5 Dry hair

If you use the hair dryer too often, your hair will eventually become dull and brittle. In the summer, air drying is the best option.

Follow our simple tips, and your hair will thank you.

Top Three Hair Dryers for Frizz-free Hair

You try to provide your hair with the best products and try to follow proper hair care regimen, but your hair seems to get frizzy for no reason? Maybe the main problem is the hair dryer you use? Of course, the best variant is to say ‘NO’ to heat styling tools, but sometimes we can’t cope without them. Specialists at natural hair salons in New York propose you a list of hair dryers which will change the common idea of heat styling tools.


BaByliss is one of the best brands designing high-quality tools. We offer you to opt for a BaByliss Pro 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer; this dryer offers a wide variety of speed and heat settings which you can’t find in the average dryer. If you are seeking for versatility for your drying needs, it is ideal variant.


If you look for a salon-quality tool, experts at natural hair salons in New York propose you to choose Supersolano the Original. Though it appeared on the market in 2009, it still has much more benefits than the average dryer. It will leave your hair silky and smooth without frizz.

#3 CHI Rocket

If to speak about this line, we offer you CHI Rocket Professional Hair Dryer. The advantage of this dryer is in infrared heat which helps to keep your hair shiny. The price on this type of dryer is overwhelming, but the effect it provides is priceless.

You won’t find these brands at the dollar store, but if you want to have shiny and frizz-free hair, you have to pay for it.

Pack You Travel Hair Care Kit

Summer is the season of traveling. The practice shows that the best way to spend your time on the road pleasurable is to plan everything ahead; the same thing should be done with the hair care routine. Today specialists at best natural hair salon NYC are ready to share with you top tips on what to pack with you on the trip.

Tip #1 Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are going to a trip for two weeks, there is no need to take a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner with you. Find the same product in the travel size bottles or purchase super proof bottles and measure off the needed quantity of product.

Tip #2 Dry Shampoo

Let your hair rest while you are on the road and skip the usual shampoo. To better your look, apply a small amount of the dry shampoo on the roots to get rid of excessive oil.

Tip #3 Styling

Going natural is the best thing you can do for your hair. So, try to avoid overweighting your hair with styling products and go for simple hairstyles, such as braids, knots, etc. Complement your look with the scarf or bandana which will at the same time protect your hair from sun rays.

Tip #4 Protection

No matter where you go, you can’t have proper hair care without UV protection products. Opt for leave-in conditioner with the high SPF level.

Tip #5 Heat Tools

If to speak about the hair dryer, it is usually included in the list of services in any hotel, so there is no need to take it with you. What about flat iron or curling iron? Stylists at best natural hair salon NYC advice to let your hair rest from heat treatments at least during your vacation.

Follow our simple tips, and your vacation will be fantastic.

How to Take Care for Hair in the Summer Part 1

Summer is a fantastic season for rest and outdoor activities; we can spend hours laying on the beach or playing volleyball. Moreover, after such pleasurable spending of time, we get a tanned skin which looks so amazing. But what about your hair? Have you ever noticed that your mane turns dull and lusterless during the hot season? If yes, your hair care regimen wasn’t good enough. Stylists at best natural hair salon NYC offer you some useful tips on how to look after your locks in the summer properly.

Tip #1 Wash regularly

In the summer, we often sweat and as result pollution and dust clubs with the sweat. As a result, our hair gets greasy faster and need washing more often.

Tip #2 Condition

The conditioner is a good remedy for protecting your hair and scalp. Thanks to its ingredients, it helps to avoid hair stickiness that is usually caused by the excessive sweating.

Tip #3 Drink

The biggest problem in the summer is dehydration. To replace the lost water, you should drink plenty of water during all summer.

Tip #4 Moisturize

The summer is the best period for going all natural, including organic products. Specialists as best natural hair salon NYC advice to avoid using artificial colors, chemical based and heat treatments at least during the hot summer days.

Tip #5 Trimming

Inevitable dryness is the reason number one for appearing of split ends during the summer. So, try to trim hair ends regularly.

Now, you know how to take care of your hair during the hot summer days.

Natural hair conditioner, which you can make at home

The conditioner is one of the essential hair products. It may sound strange, but the best conditioner, you can have, is the conditioner you can make on your own. Don’t worry; it’s easy! Just check tips by the best Natural Hair Salon in the New York.

#1. How to make conditioner

One more strange thing, you need… only two ingredients and one of them are free. Have you got any guesses? Girls, be careful, never mistake simplicity for ineffectiveness. This conditioner works really well and is safe for all hair types. Also, it will save your money over the years.


– 1 big spoon of apple cider vinegar

– 1 cup of water (it’s better to use distilled or filtered water)

We suggest mixing ingredients in a clean repurposed squirt bottle. You can double up them until you fill your bottle, or you can make a fresh conditioner every time you want to use it.

#2. How to use conditioner

The method of using is as simple, like a recipe. You should only shake the bottle with the required conditioner before each using. Spritz the alloy and massage it into the scalp for the minute or two. Then rinse well.

Believe us, after drying your hair will not smell like vinegar. We promise you!

This conditioner is good to use after homemade shampoo because the vinegar rinse will smooth the hair and eliminate the greasy, sticky feeling some of the homemade shampoos may leave.

#2. How much does it cost

It costs more than homemade shampoo (for example, that one you can make from water and baking soda), but it still much cheaper than commercial conditioner.

In average, it will cost 0,13$/ounce, depending on the price of the vinegar.

#3. Some little secrets by the best Natural Hair Salon in the NYC

If you have greasy or oily hair and scalp, you can add to your conditioner 8 drops of some essential oil 6 such as bergamot, lavender, lemon, rosemary, sandalwood, tea tree, or ylang-ylang.

If you have dry scalp and/or dandruff, you can add 8 drops of tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, sage, or rosemary essential oil.

If you have another hair type, you can use rosemary essential oil because it is beneficial for all hair types.

It is safe for all hair type, so you shouldn’t worry. Come to our Hair Salon. We are always glad to see you!

Natural hair masks for dry and damaged hair, which you can make at home

#1. What you should do if you want to have healthy hair

* Stop washing your hair daily! Daily washing is not beneficial for your hair care, because each time you wash your hair, you strip natural oils from your hair and scalp. So, if it is possible to skip a day or two between hair washings, you should do it.

* Try not to use a hairdryer, at least, after every hair washing. If you have enough time for air-drying, use this time for air-drying.

* Run a humidifier.It’s good for your hair and skin.

* Use a moisturizing hair mask treatment. You can find several recipes in the next paragraph.

#2. Homemade hair masks recipes

In fact, making a hair mask is not hard. You can check it by your own experience.

Coconut oil

This mask is the most simple homemade hair mask. It has only one ingredient – coconut oil.

All you need is a cup of coconut oil. It should be in a liquid state.

Then, you should apply it on your hair (wet or dry, it doesn’t matter), and leave for an hour or two. It will be even better if you leave it overnight. Don’t forget about shower cap.

Rinse the coconut treatment well after the procedure and wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Avocado and Egg yolk
This mask is more complicated than previous one because it consists of 2 ingredients: avocado and egg yolk. It’s a perfect mask for moisturizing, restoration and shining.
So, you need:
½ of an avocado
2 egg yolks
Mix them well and apply on dry hair. Leave for 20-30 minutes, rinse well, and wash as usual.
Yogurt, Honey and Olive oil
This mask is more difficult then the 1st and 2nd  one, because it consists of 3 ingredients: yogurt, honey, and olive oil. It may sound not very pleasant (especially, sticky honey), but it works.
You need:
1 big spoon of olive oil
1 big spoon of honey
¼ of cup of yogurt
Mix all the ingredients, apply to the hair and leave approximately for 20-40 minutes. Then rinse well, wash as usual and air dry.

We hope these simple pieces of advice and recipes by the best stylist at Natural Hair Salon in the New York City will help you to moisturize your dry and damaged hair well!

8 organic and natural hair lines

Chemical-free beauty products are very popular nowadays. Especially, after the last studies, which show that almost all the chemicals in the hair care products are very dangerous. They not only dry out the hair, but they also can cause cancer and other diseases.

Many people think all natural and organic products cost an arm and a leg. Well, a lot of them do but not all of them. Also, good hair products are healthier and are better at helping your hair retain the moisture needed for keeping it damage free and protected. So, you economy money but in the long run.

There are two possible options if you want to use all natural and organic hair products. The first one – you do it at home on your own and always use only fresh products. The second one – you buy them if you have not enough time.

Today, the stylists at best Natural Hair Salon has prepared for your suggestions about 2nd option. Check the best organic and natural hair lines in this blog!


#1. Shea moisture

This brand uses only natural ingredients, including shea butter, African black soap, avocado butter,  neem oil, and others. You can find hair, body, and face grooming products in this line.

The average price of every product is 9,99$.

#2. Aubrey Organics

All natural ingredients, where you can find, for example, jojoba oil, chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, and so on. This line carries hair, face, and body products.

The average price of every product is 11$.

#3. My honey child

This brand with a sweet name is also all-natural. You can find in compounds of the products peppermint, olive oil, sunflower seeds and oil, papaya and others.

The price of each product is about 15$.

#4. Camille Rose Naturals

This brand is not only all-natural but also vegan. There is a variety of ingredients, from kiwi to macadamia nut oil, from Brahmi to almond oil. This line carries hair and skin care products.

The average price is 14$.

#5. Bee Mine Products

All natural and organic ingredients.  You can find in compounds coconut oil, rosemary oil, chamomile, and ghassoul clay. This line produces only hair care products.

The approximate price of each product is about 20$.

#6. Belle Butters

Ingredients of this brand are natural and organic, such as  whipped butter with ingredients ranging from pumpkin and shea butter to lemon and chocolate.

This brand produces skin care and hair care products.

The average price of each product is 15$.

We hope our suggestions will help you, and you choose hairline, which will be suitable for you!

How you can use chamomile in your grooming

Chamomile is not only a calming tea. You can use it in different ways, including hair grooming. One of the best Natural Hair Salons in the NYC has prepared some suggestions, you can use in your grooming routine.

#1. Which type of chamomile to use?

German chamomile and Roman chamomile are the best types of this flower for using. Both are equally effective, so you can use that type, which you can find. Also, you can use dried chamomile flowers or chamomile flower powder.

#2. Ways of using

Face wash

Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory plant. It is a nice choice to help calm any redness on your face. Especially, it is suitable for teenagers.

Just make a cup of chamomile tea, cool it down and use at the end of the day before bed. It will be very refreshing!

You can also use the cooled tea bags over puffy eyes or dark circles to start the day with the fresh look.

Eye drops

Chamomile is a perfect remedy for irritated eyes. You can use it for infections, pink eye, or scratches. Also, you can wash your face and eyes in the evening with the completely cooled tea and only then go to bed. You will see results!

Hair dye

Actually, chamomile is not a “dye.” It will be better to say – “brighter.” Add chamomile tea to your regular shampoo and/or conditioner, and you will see perfect blonde highlights, lighten, and brighten hair. Chamomile is beneficial for all hair types but especially for blonde hair.

Sunburn treating

Chamomile is a perfect natural option to soothe a sunburn. Cooled tea applied on the areas, which are sore and inflamed, will quickly take the pain away.

Hair highlighting

If you want to highlight your hair, but you don’t want to use a commercial dye, chamomile will help you. You just need to make a strong chamomile tea and apply on the locks you want to highlight (or on the hair if you want to highlight the whole head). Remember, chamomile works only on light hair tones. For highlighting dark hair, you can use coffee ground and sage.

Insect repellent

If you have dried chamomile flowers, you can use them as an insect repellent. In summer, it’s a great smelling outdoor centerpiece.

You see natural products are very efficient. Natural hair care is also effective. Come to the best Natural Hair Salon in the NYC and see!


5 best hair masks

A good hair mask can bring dry and dull hair back to life. After a good mask, your hair will be softer, shinier and just looks and feels so much better overall. If you are looking for a new good hair mask, check recommendations by the Natural Hair Salon in the NYC.

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7 hair products for gorgeous locks under 7$

There are a lot of women, who want to have gorgeous locks, but who don’t want to spend a fortune on hair care products. Do you one of them? Give a high five! For this reason, the best Natural Hair Salon in the NYC has prepared a list of good and cheap hair care products.

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