7 best homemade hair treatments for dry and damaged hair

Cheap home tricks can turn your dry and damaged hair to healthy and gorgeous. Do you want to know “how”? The answers from the best Natural hair salon in the New York City are in this article.

Hair treatment #1. Avocado repairing


Avocado contains vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, which are beneficial for your hair. Mix mashed avocado with 1 raw egg. Apply acquired alloy on your hair and scalp (please note the hair should be wet). Leave this remedy at least for 20-30 minutes. Rinse several times with the warm water.

If you have damaged hair you can repeat this procedure once a week, if you have a normal hair you can repeat it once a month for a prophylactic use. Read more

Most Flattering Haircuts for Women in Their 40s

Forty is the new twenty – everything just begins! If you are sexy, self-assured woman who wants to change her style, this article is for you! Check out these last fashionable hair trends for those who are in their forties.

Tip#1 Choppy bob

When you are forty it is the best time to wear this hair cut.  Why? Because it is sexy, fearless and bold. It fits for oval and heart-shaped faces, but you can try it on any other. Ask your stylists for a bob with movement. And it would be better to do the cut on dry hair. It is one of those haircuts you should constantly work on. Read more

Best tips on how to part your hair right

Finding the best place for your hair is probably the quickest way to frame, shape, and  flatter whatever hair texture you may have. So where do you fall?

Tip#1 For flat hair

Start to part your hair above the center of your iris and go on diagonally back toward your crown. It will create great volume and fullness on one side and smoothness on the other. It is one of the best ways to give your hair casual and messy look.   Read more

Top 5 haircuts for women who are over sixty

If you have already celebrated your sixtieth anniversary it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for “grandmother”, gray hair. Now you are wise enough, and you know definitely what is best for you. Here are five stylish haircuts to belie, but still honor, your age.

#1 Pixie like haircut

Great example of this hairdo is Isabella Rossellini. This is a feminine silhouette that’s a little longer around the ears and wispy around the forehead and neckline. Today it is one of the most popular haircuts among women.  It spotlights the face and makes it look younger. To style this haircut you can use waxes, pomades and gels. Read more

Five hair mistakes that make you look older

I don’t know any woman who will purposely wear a haircut that makes her look older. But you’d be surprised by how many women unwittingly make such easy mistakes.  Here is a list of the Top 5 things that will make you look older.

Mistake#1  The Most Common Slip-Up

There is one common mistake that women all over the world make over and over again. They don`t get haircuts regularly. It is not enough to visit your hair salon once in six weeks.  Trimmings are as much important as your normal haircuts are. They will keep your hair in its best shape and prevent from splitting ends. It is especially important for those who have long hair. Read more

5 ways you do harm to your hair

If you want to grow your hair out or just want it to be shiny and have a nice look it’s all about keeping it healthy.

You can have many protective products but at the same time you can do harm to your hair. You can say, it’s not your fault, and you didn’t know about it. But have you ever heard a proverb “Ignorance of the law is not excuse”? There is all the same with your hair.

But the best Natural hair salon in the NYC has prepared this list of possible damages for you, because if you know it you can prevent it. Read more

How to get a bad haircut and not to make a suicide

“Bad haircut is not a verdict,” – said masters from the best Natural hair salon in the New York City.
“It happens, but you can face with your problem and solve it instead of sitting at home and crying”.
There are some rules how to survive a bad haircut and we have prepared them for you. Read more

What You Should Never Say to Your Hairstylist

There are a lot of things you may tell your hairstylist. There is also a certain quantity of things that you should tell, such as your wishes and desires. But also there are things you should never tell to your hairstylist. And the best Natural Hair Salon in the New York City has prepared a list of these things special for you. Read more

Secrets to help combat a bad hair day

A bad hair day can ruin even the best plans on the day. But the best Natural hair salon in the New York City can help you with it.

What you can do? Check here. Read more

The right shampoo – problem of choice

There is a very big hair care market nowadays. And this overchoice makes you a little bit dizzy. How to puzzle out of all brands and labels and find the shampoo, which will suit your hair the best.

The first step when picking out, that good shampoo should be without sulfates, silicones, parabens and colorants.

The second step is to choose to the best options depending on your hair type. Read more