How to deal with a sensitive scalp

There can be a lot of problems connected not with your hair but with your scalp. It can sting after you have dyed your hair. Or it can burn after you have used a new shampoo, which is inapt for you. Or you have an overwhelming desire to scratch it more and more with no apparent cause.

You should be ready for such situations, especially, if you have a sensitive scalp.
Remember, that this part of your body has more blood vessels than any other and also it has a lot of nerve endings.

The Hair Salon at The New York City has gathered some common scalp problems and what you can do about them. Read more

Crappy facts about the hair

If you see your chevelure in the mirror and think that you know everything about your hair, you are extremely mistaken. It is not so simple like it seems at the first sight. You may know how to wash it, how to style it, how to care it, where the nearest hair salon and so on. But there are a lot of weird, creepy factors about the hair too. The Hair Salon at the New York City has prepared them for you: Read more

Cosmetic treatment of hair loss

The most common cause of hair loss curious to relate is genetics. That is about 95% of people with the alopecia. Other 5% problems can be caused by different problems, such as unhealthy diet, stresses, some illnesses (such as thyroid disease, severe infection, flu, fungus infections, such as ringworm or even a childbirth) or medications (for example, anti high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, or gout meds, also it can be cause of chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer patients). Read more

How to protect your hair in summer?

So, summer is finally in a full swing and we all ready to spend our best hours under the bright sun. We are sure you take care about protection your skin from UV.  You should know that protection your hair is equally important. The outward part of hair consists of keratin fibers, which are weakened by the excessive sun exposure. As a result your hair will look dry, brittle and lifeless. Your hair cuticles also can get damaged from UV influence leading to a loss of color and vitality. Read more

What can cause hair breakage?

Achieving healthy hair is a long and hard journey. At best hair salon new York we thing that it is better to avoid hair breakage. So we decided to create a list of factors that damage your hair. We also tell you how to avoid them. Read more

This season’s burning question – What is hair gloss treatment?

What exactly does it do? How does it differ from hair color? Why is everyone getting it done for the Fall? You have the questions – Le Reve Salon has the answers! Now, we are revealing al the ins and outs of a hair Gloss treatment. Get the Upper East

Side look for these 4 simple reasons…no chemicals no ammonia and ppd free Read more

At Le Reve Salon your dreams come true

A great haircut can truly make all the difference between feeling good and feeling fabulous.  A great style can actually change your life. Any woman who has had a bad hair day know’s that it can effect how you feel, act, and interact.  On the flip side a great hair day makes you feel as if there is nothing you can’t do.  It’s not shallow it’s simply the truth, great hair makes you feel better in every way.  At Le Reve Salon this is our goal. Read more

Why we organic  hair salon on upper east site !!! 

Like moisturizing and mani-pedis, hair dyeing is a standard beauty ritual for many women. Yet, while natural skin-care and non-toxic nail polish brands have flourished, the world of hair color clings to its chemical roots.

Concerns about the contents of hair color date back to the ’70s, when news outlets alerted consumers to the dangers of widely-used ingredients like coal tar and benzidine, which are known carcinogens. Most manufacturers took these out and replaced them with less toxic chemicals.

The inversion method for hair growth

The inversion method for hair growth: truth or myth?

There is a lot of information about the quick tips for hair growing in the Internet. One of the latest hair growth crazes is Inversion method.

So, how does it work?

As you can understand the method of inversion means that you have to invert your head or even yourself.  It is easy to understand that this procedure increases blood flow to the head and stimulates the follicles and that is resulting in quicker hair growth. Read more

New York Stylists natural hair care tips

The problem of using organic products is very familiar for those who take care about their health. Because if you are working out and cutting processed food it is quite logical to do a similar process with hair care products. But when you try to find out which chemicals are to be avoided you understand that it is not a good method to protect yourself from harmful products. Nowadays there are so many different types of chemicals that it is impossible to remember all of them when you are in the shop. But if you still don’t want to let chemicals seep into your body and cells you have to find the decision. The answer is quite clear you can use hair care products which are made from fruit, herbs and oils.

And now you may think that all organic and natural products are very expensive. I agree with you, a lot of them do. But there are cheaper lines of such products too. But it is also important that the cheaper products are awesome for your pockets, but not for your hair.  You should keep in mind that you’ll be visiting hair salon more often than when you’re using more precisely products. Read more