How to add volume to Hair without using Heat

It’s surprising that you don’t have to use blow dryer or curling iron for getting amazing volume anymore. You can follow the steps below and see the result immediately.

  1. You should wash your hair. It will help your hair to rinse out dirt and all products that you used recently. You should keep in mind that a lightweight shampoo is the best variant if you want to get a great volume. This type of shampoo washes and cares for hair without adding any extra weight. And that is the effect that we need – to get the hair to be as light as possible.
  2. It is better to shampoo your hair two times. When you wash hair two times you can be sure that all the build up is eliminated and you hair is light as it can be. After that use a light conditioner to keep your hair healthy and not dry. You should remember that it is better to use only a small amount of a light conditioner and after the procedure it is better to wash the conditioner out with cold water. Cold water will help to smooth and soften your hair and it will be easier to style it.
  3. Try to dry your hair without blow dryer. You can use a towel, but don’t rub the hair because it may cause frizz. It is better to pat tour hair dry with a towel until your hair will be as dry as it possible.

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  1. Comb through hair without applying any product. When your hair is completely dry you should brush it using a large paddle brush. You should brush your hair until all the tangles are out. Then you should turn your head upside down and brush hair again in this position.
  2. Now you can stand up and scrunch your hair using hands. When the hair is fluffed up you’ll see that your hair has quite a substantial amount of volume.
  3. Now you can add some additional volume by combing under your top layer of hair. You need to part hair again and comb under your top layer of hair.