This season a burning question is: What is hair gloss treatment?

What exactly does it do? How does it differ from hair color? Why is everyone getting it done for the Fall? You have the questions – Le Reve Salon has the answers! Now, we are revealing al the ins and outs of a hair Gloss treatment. Get the Upper East

Side look for these 4 simple reasons…no chemicals no ammonia and ppd free.

#1. Repairs damage: Getting a hair gloss repairs your hair and helps to undo all sun and chlorine damage., by deep conditioning your strands the gloss will restore texture and also add ultimate silkiness and shine.

#2. Less harsh than hair color: A gloss is very acidic and locks the hair and the cuticle real tight, resulting in a much smoother surface texture that reflects more light and makes hair feel softer. Regular hair dye contains ammonia, which opens up the hair cuticle and deposits color into it damaging the hair. Glossing is more gentle and results in less damage to your hair.

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#3. Not too much of commitment: There’s no commitment to gloss your hair because it will fade on its own – typically within six weeks. If you decide to change your hair color, it will not interfere with any type of chemical change you decide to do next. Plus, it’s easy to maintain your hair with the use of sulfate-free products that are made especially for colored hair.

#4. Tones down highlights: If your highlights end up looking brassier than you anticipated, you could easily get a gloss treatment to tone down the color. If you apply the treatment with a gloss after every coloring, it will help to lock the color in. One of the advantages of using gloss treatment is that you can check whether the tone has exact shade that you want it to be.