Welcome to Le Reve organic Hair Salon NYC. We provide an array of services that cover almost every hair care and hair service need. We have listed a variety of our services below. Take a moment to review some of the services that we offer in charming Upper East Side area.

Hair cuts and style

The foundation for every great hairstyle is a great haircut. At Le Reve organic Hair Salon NYC, we understand the importance of great haircuts and our hairstylists provide haircuts that bring out the best look possible for every client Upper East Side area. In addition, our hairstylists understand all aspects of hair care and hair care services. This wealth of knowledge allows our stylists to provide a wide variety of haircuts that range from the traditional to the latest trendy haircuts.

Hair cut & style  by David $85+and up
Hair cut & style  by George $85+and up

All color & chemical services by David & George upon consultation

Women  hair cut $45+
Hair Cut & Style $70+
Blow-Dry $35+
Bangs  trim $10
Up Do style $85 +
Half-up do style $65+

Special package for bridal parties. Free consultation

Men’s services

At Le Reve organic Hair Salon NYC, men receive first-rate hair care and hair service. We offer a selection of men services that give men numerous options regarding hair care and hair services. Our hair stylists are equally skilled at providing services for women and men. Therefore, all men can feel comfortable in the fact that they will receive professional hair care and hair services that include haircuts, coloring, beard trims, and other related services in Upper East Side.

Beard trim $10
Men’s color $50
Highlight $65+
Relaxer $65+
Keratin treatment $100+
Men’s Hair Cut $35+


There are typically a variety of services that men and women seek at our organic hair salon NYC. However, one of the most requested services is color. Both men and women come to our hair salon for color services regarding their hair. The reasons for color service vary from client to client, but the ultimate outcome is generally the same. Our clients In Upper East Side want to look better and feel better concerning their appearance.

One of the best ways to enhance any hairstyle or personal look is with the use of color services. We provide a variety of coloring services for our clients, and our hairstylists are well trained in all aspects of hair color services and hair care products.

Organic Single Process (root touch up) $85+
Organic gloss $65 + (brighter)
Single Process (root touch up) $85 +
L’oreal Inoa Color $100+
Semi or Demi Permanent Ammonia free condition color $75 +
Partial Highlights $100 +
Half Highlights $135 +
Full Highlights $170 +
Clear Gloss $50 +
Balayage  highlights $220+
Ombré $220+

Double process or correction color Price upon consultation.


All people have different hair types and quality of hair. Therefore, some people in Upper East Side have hair that requires very little or no effort to look amazing, but some people need assistance with their hair to get the look and desired style. One of the methods that is used to help some people gain the desired style or look is chemicals.

At Le Reve organic Hair Salon NYC, our hair stylists understand the various aspects related to using chemicals for hair services. As a result, every visitor and client that enters our doors can feel secure in the knowledge that our stylists understand the capabilities, use, and purpose of every chemical that is used in our hair salon.

Keratin Treatment formaldehyde free $250 +
Relaxer $90 +
Permanent Wave $100 +
Organic Keratin Treatment $350+


When it comes to hair, there are various problems and issues that people can have regarding their hair. Le Reve organic Hair Salon NYC understands the issues and problems that people have concerning their hair, and we offer various treatments to assist in the healing process.
Even though, many people in Upper East Side come to our hair salon for hair services, we offer a variety of hair care options along with treatments that are designed specifically to help people improve the quality and appearance of their hair.

Express Hydration & shine 3 Step Intense Repair treatment $30
Power Shot treatment $25
Organic Treatment $35


One of the methods that is commonly used to enhance hairstyles is extensions. The use of extensions goes back many decades. However, the quality of extensions has improved tremendously in recent years. At our organic hair salon NYC, we understand the benefits of extensions along with the potential problems. Our hairstylists are trained professionals who understand how to use extensions properly. In addition, our hairstylists know how to use extensions to achieve the best look possible for every client that we serve, and our salon in Upper East Side only uses 100% natural hair extensions.

Extensions  upon consultation
All types 100% natural hair


A great look includes attention to detail. One of the ways that many people in Upper East Side fall short of an overall great look is maintaining their nails. Moreover, a great manicure provides the attention to detail that is needed to achieve a great overall look. Our organic hair salon NYC provides a variety of manicure services that help to produce great looking nails.

Signature Spa Manicure

Complete filing and shaping of finger nails, conditioning of the cuticles, hand & arm massage plus a smoothing exfoliation. Finish with hot steam towels  $12

Buffing Manicure $18
French Manicure $20
Hot Oil Manicure $20
Polish Change $10
Regular manicure $12
Color stay gel manicure $15
Opi gel color manicure uv lamp $30
Spa manicure $15
Spa pedicure $35
Spa manicure/ pedicure (in private room) $50

 OPI Gel Color Manicure $30

Gel color by OPI is a Ultraviolet manicure system that allows your nails to stay healthy and strong while maintaining the chic shine of a salon service. You no longer have to settle for harmful salon services. Gelcolor goes on like polish, cures in 30 seconds, and lasts for weeks. With Gel color you are sure to fall in love with your nails again…and you won’t have to worry about damaging them

 Shellac Manicure $35

The product is thin and strong enough to be applied similarly to nail polish, but it is cured in a way that gives it great flexibility and durability. Shellac is for people who want to maintain natural nails. A hybrid polish that goes on like nail lacquer, UV-cured, dries instantly, and last up to 2 weeks. No drilling involved, non-abrasive to natural nails. Provides strength to natural nails and helps them grow. Simply soaks off with acetone to remove. 


There is more than one way to remove unwanted facial hair, and one of the ways that we use at our organic hair salon NYC is threading. In general, threading is a method that is commonly used regarding the shaping of the eyebrows, but it can be used for the removal of other facial hair. The method uses a cotton thread and the twisting action of the thread traps the hair and lifts the hair out of the follicle. Typically, this is a painless way of removing unwanted facial hair in Upper East Side.

Eyebrow threading is a practice of shaping the eyebrows using a cotton thread. The Twisting action of the thread traps the hair and lifts it out of the follicle. It’s a very gentle, and painless way of removing unwanted facial hair fabulous.

Threading $12


Most makeup artists have a unique gift that allows them to use makeup to bring the best look possible out of their clients. At Le Reve Organic Hair Salon NYC, our makeup artists have the skill and unique gift that allows them to do amazing things with makeup, and the results are simply remarkable. For anyone In Upper East Side who is interested in having a makeover or using makeup to enhance their look, the makeup artists at Le Reve Organic Hair Salon NYC should be at the top of their list.

From the most basic needs to the most extravagant requests, Le Reve Hair Salon has the solution.

Regular makeup application $75+
Quick fix me up $55+
Just eyes $30+ (included lashes)
Bridal trial $150+

Day of wedding

Bride  $175+ in shop ($300 out of shop)
Bridal attendants $90+
On location. $100+

Travel fee with services off location

50 percent deposit needed in order to book wedding date.

Eyelash Extension

For people who are looking to achieve a great look, one of the secrets to obtaining a great look is uniqueness. One of the small aspects that help to make an overall look standout from the crowd is eyelash extensions. The use of eyelash extensions is a great way to enhance any look, and the staff at Le Reve organic Hair Salon NYC takes great pride in providing eyelash extension services that bring the best out of every client that enters our salon doors in Upper East Side.

Single lashes are glued on one by one to each of your eye lash. There are different lash lengths and thicknesses for you to choose from. With your desire, more lashes can be added for a fuller and thicker look, or less lashes for a more natural look.

New set $100+
Fill $30-$50+

Body treatment

One of the most popular services at our organic hair salon NYC in Upper East Side is a massage. With the fast pace society that we live in and the stress that many people face on a daily basis, a massage is a way that many people relieve the tension in their lives. In addition, a massage is not only for stress relief; it can also serve as a regular method to just relax by being pampered.

Aroma therapy

60 min $90

Swedish Massage

60 min $90

Thai Massage

60 min $100

Body Scrap

60 min $100

Slimming body wrap

60 min $100

Men’s. Wax

When many people in Upper East Side think about wax hair removal, the initial thought generally involves women. However, men seek assistance for hair removal, and our organic hair salon NYC provides men’s wax services that provide men with the same hair removal opportunities as our women clients. Some of the various hair removal services that we offer men include underarm, Brazilian Bikini, full body, abdomen, chest, back, shoulders, and neck.

BACK $45


For clients who desire the removal of unwanted hair in Upper East Side, our organic hair salon NYC provides waxing services that provide hair removal without stress and strain. The removal of unwanted hair is a commonly requested service; however, there are several ways that a wax job can be done. Our staff is trained in a variety of methods so that we can offer the best hair removal method for each client.

Our wax services include hair removal services such as lip, chin, eyebrow cleanup, underarm for women, full leg, half leg, full arm, half arm, Brazilian Bikini, bikini regular, full face, abdomen, back, chest, back, shoulders, neck, and full body.

Our natural wax enhances silky and sensitive skin. Our experienced esthetician will help you remove unwanted hair as painlessly as possible.

CHIN $10
BACK $45


Hydra-flash mini facial (45min) $60
European deep pore cleansing (60min) $100
Clinical facial with acne treatment (60min) $110
Deep firming and lifting facial (collagen mask and celluar matrix cream) 80min $150
Double oxygen facial with vitamins and minerals solution and oxygen mask (60min) $115
Anti-aging/ wrinkle remover strong face lifting facial (hyaluronic acid serum, collagen mask, cellural matrix cream, red light) (1 hour 30 min) $250
Red light therapy facial (increases skin elasticity, collagen reproduction, helps with any skin problems including rosacea) (60min) $150
Glycolic peel (30min) $80
Pyramid facial by Nadya elite stylist
(peeling, skin rejuvenation, vitamins and minerals solution, wrinkle remover, oxygen mask, hyaluronic acid serum, collagen, red light therapy, 24k gold mask)
Fast result!!! (2 hours)


When it comes to hair design and styling, Le Reve Hair Salon strives to be considered one of the best. Our hair stylists are professionally trained with years of experience with hair design from the basic beauty upkeep to extravagant wedding style designing.

Whether it’s styling for a memorable occasion, an important interview, or a specific hair design for a night out; our professionally qualified hair stylists designers will mold your idea into a reality.

Le Reve Hair Salon makes sure to keep up to date with all the latest hair design & styling technologies and trends. From the basic beauty upkeep appointments to intense permanent hair straightening procedures such as Japanese Hair Straightening, Brazilian Keratin Treatments and Hair Extension Services, we at Le Reve Hair Salon make sure you leave with a smile.